Our Services


  1. Special programs for schools.

2.Train teachers to use the

Brain Gym  method and

Movement & Mindfulness  Curriculum

in their classrooms.

3.Unique programs for younger

children using Brain Gym.


  • 20 –minute sessions for each class in which we do movements, work on reflexes and do brain boosting Double Doodle dancing.


  • The Playful Child using Brain Gym ® and other fun activities for the entire class in order to assist children in the transition from preschool to First Grade.


  • A comprehensive 30-week movement and mindfulness program. Where children enjoy greater physical fitness, emotional stability, and social harmony, as well as ease and joy in learning.




4. Provide individual time for children to work

on any specific issue with Brain Gym®.



5. Design special programs for schools.




6.             SUCCESS



Offer individual sessions to help   children and adults        reach their highest potential. Besides Brain Gym ® I use many other modalities for your optimum success including:


PSYCH-K, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), THE BARS , EMOTION CODES, POSSIBILITIES PROCESS, Transformation, TAT  , Matrix Energetics , Developmental Kinesiology Movement & Mindfulness curriculum

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